Hello World!

Welcome to my first blog post.
I was pretty torn about doing this for a long time.

One side of me thinks; this could be something someone finds useful – and I may even find it helpful in improving my writing, and expressing myself. Hey! Someone might even find this place interesting to read…

The other side thinks; is this a┬ánarcissistic thing to do? Will I regret this at a later date? It feels slightly strange writing about myself and my life, it feels like I assume people care. My main concern is that readers will think I’m writing for them, the readers – maybe that’s how it should be. That isn’t the case, though.

I’m creating this in an attempt to give myself better clarity – a more clear picture on my own way of thinking, and my life. I also hope (and doubt) this might be interesting, or moreover – helpful – for someone in any similar situations I might talk about on this blog.
Peoples opinions often change, and people are always in a state of improvement. This is an attempt to document the development of myself to a degree.

I want this to be a very uncensored, raw and sometimes uncomfortable place for my thoughts and other things that go on in my life. With that said; everything in this blog should only be considered as my own opinions, and they shouldn’t reflect the opinions of people or projects I create, work for, or work with.